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Elijah Craig Small Batch Bottling Noteelijah craig barrel proof

order Elijah Craig has long been a favourite bourbon of many whiskey enthusiasts – to the point where their stocks of 12 year old bourbon have been under a lot of pressure. The producers made the decision to discontinue the 12 Year Old expression and create this expression to take its place. It manages to maintain the incredibly high quality that Elijah Craig is known for, including the delicious core of cooked apple drizzled in honey notes. This expression has been well received, taking home not one but two San Francisco World Spirits Competition Double Gold medals!

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The bourbon brand is named in honor of Reverend Elijah Craig (1738/1743 – May 18, 1808), who was a Baptist preachereducator, and entrepreneur in Fayette County, Virginia, which became Scott County, Kentucky, following Kentucky statehood in 1792. In approximately 1789, Craig founded a distillery there. The Heaven Hill company dubiously[1] credits him with the invention of “true Kentucky Bourbon” by improving the locally made distillate from an un-aged corn liquor through barrel-aging in charred oak casks,[2] “a process that gives the bourbon its reddish color and unique taste.”[3] The Heaven Hill company uses this claim, calling Elijah Craig “The Father of Bourbon” in its advertising of their product.[4] Elijah Craig is most widely known by association with this brand of bourbon.

Elijah Craig is a premium and super-premium brand of bourbon whiskey produced in Kentucky by Heaven Hill Distilleries. The brand is sold as a straight bourbon, typically in 750 mL glass bottles.

Elijah Craig whiskey is offered in both small batch and single barrel bottlings. The small batch variation (94 U.S. proof, 47% ABV) is also available in glass 375 mL and 1.75 L bottles. The Barrel Select expression is only available in 200 mL bottles. The company is headquartered in Bardstown, Kentucky, and its distillery (called the Heaven Hill Bernheim distillery) is in Louisville, Kentucky.